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Running Red Lights and Car Accidents

Running Red Lights and Car Accidents

There are many types of moving violations that result in car accidents. Running a red light is one of the most common events that leads to collisions, injury, and death. As a result, the state of Georgia has strict penalties for drivers who fail to stop at a traffic light.

Personal injuries resulting from another driver’s negligence can entitle you to compensation for damages and losses. Understanding the laws related to running red lights and consulting with a legal professional can give you the protection you need.

Risks of Running Red Lights

Running a red light typically results in a collision in which one car impacts the side of another. This type of collision puts drivers and passengers at a high risk for significant injuries including broken bones, muscle strains, and loss of function.

There are laws in place that dictate behavior at red lights. In Georgia, certain locations allow drivers to turn at a red light. For example, turning from a one-way street onto another one-way street can be done at a red light.

These and other rules must be understood and followed to keep all drivers and their passengers safe.

Why Drivers Run Red Lights

Running a red light occurs as a result of many factors. In the United States alone, over two million accidents occur every year due to someone running a red light.

For example, some drivers lack the necessary experience to stay safe on the roads. Young or newly licensed drivers can become easily distracted by any number of things, including other cars and signs.

Some drivers may speed up to avoid stopping at a red light. This careless and dangerous driving can lead to an injury-causing collision.

Driving while intoxicated and other reckless behavior also often result in car accidents when red lights are ignored or missed.

Your Personal Injury Rights and Compensation

Getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries, property damage, and other losses requires legal resources that meet all your needs. A personal injury attorney can help you determine the value of your case and navigate your way through complex legal processes.

In some cases, defendants may argue that they are not liable for any damages. Some drivers assert that they could not see a red light due to some obstruction or other external factors. Weather conditions and road work can cause visibility issues that some may use as a defense.

If a red light was recently installed, defendants may argue that they weren’t aware that a red light was in place. This can impact the element of willfulness as seen by the courts and result in a more lenient punishment.

Knowing and preparing for these types of defenses can strengthen your case. Your attorney can help gather the evidence that supports your claim as well as identify the factors that may have contributed to your accident.

Having a qualified attorney in your corner to protect your rights can help you overcome your injuries and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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