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Comprehensive Insurance – Does it Really Cover Us For Everything?

Comprehensive insurance is widely known as coverage that assists in paying to replace or repair your vehicle if your car was to suffer from an unfortunate accident. Comprehensive insurance cover is specifically designed to intervene if your vehicle gets damaged in some way other than a collision. ...

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Passenger Dead in South Georgia Car Wreck

A two-car crash resulted in the death of a 23 year-old passenger on Sunday, September 15, 2019 in Ochlocknee, Georgia. According to WCTV, the fatal wreck occurred at the intersection of Georgia 3 and Highway 188, when a Toyota failed to yield at a stop sign. The Toyota collided with the Ford Ranger that victim, Christin Singletary, was a passenger in causing the Ford to flip onto the passenger side. WALB News 10 reports that this case is being investigated by the Georgia State Patrol and that charges are pending for the drivers of the Toyota and the Ford Ranger. Per...

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The Importance of a Georgia Accident Report

After a car accident, many people’s first reaction is to offer a prayer of thanks that they did not sustain a traumatic injury. After that, questions of money and liability start going through people’s minds.  Some people’s response is to get into a shouting match with the other driver about whose fault the accident is and how expensive the vehicle damage will be. This is a terrible idea because if you threaten the other driver, much less physically assault him or her, you could face criminal charges in addition to any legal and financial problems the accident could cause you....

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Who is at Fault in Rear-End Car Accidents in Georgia?

In most car accidents, each driver argues that the other driver was the person who caused the accident. Rarely are car accidents as straightforward as a scenario in which Driver A was simply minding his own business and obeying the rules of the road when Driver B came along and crashed into his car. Therefore, many car insurance companies base their settlement offers on the percentage of each driver’s fault for the accident. One would imagine that rear-end collisions would be one of the easier situations when it comes to assigning fault for a car accident, and often they are....

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What is Contributory Negligence, and How Does it Work in Georgia?

A central issue in almost any personal injury lawsuit involves proving that the defendant was negligent. In other words, the plaintiff must show that the defendant was not exercising the required level of caution to prevent the accident. Traffic laws and building codes provide specific rules and instructions that a defendant is required to follow. There are times where legal disputes arise because the rule the defendant violated was unclear, thereby prompting the defendant to allege it does not bear responsibility for the plaintiff’s injury. The Law Allows for Nuances in Determining Fault Auto accidents may not be 100% the fault...

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Summer Safety Travel Tips

Summer in Georgia is for road trips, whether you are driving across the state to visit your relatives for a Fourth of July barbecue, canoeing in the Okefenokee Swamp, or just feeling the wind in your hair on Atlanta’s highways. Summer travel has its dangers, though. Plenty of accidents happen on summer vacations that started out as innocent fun. You can prevent a lot of accidents by taking the proper safety precautions. In some cases, though, accidents happen even when the injured person is taking reasonable care to stay safe; if the negligence of someone other than the injured person...

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What is the Difference Between Wrongful Death and a Survival Action?

The loss of a loved one due to someone else’s carelessness is a terrible and life-changing event. Though nothing can replace what that person meant to their family, the law provides ways that families of the victims of fatal accidents can seek to find some relief and support during such an emotionally and financially trying time: wrongful death and survival lawsuits. Wrongful Death Actions The surviving family members of the victim are the plaintiffs in a wrongful death lawsuit. More specifically, in legal terms, they are the beneficiaries of the deceased person’s estate. They must prove that the defendant’s negligent, reckless, or...

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Can I Recover After a Car Accident if No Tickets Were Issued?

If you are able to walk away or drive away without a ticket after being involved in a car accident and reporting it to the police, then you should be thankful. Just because no tickets are issued in an accident, it does not necessarily mean that everyone’s troubles are over. If someone was injured in a car accident, the injuries resulting from that accident can still form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit, even if the police did not issue any tickets related to the accident. It is possible for Georgia courts to award damages to an injured party...

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Is the Trucking Company Responsible if I am Injured in a Truck Accident?

Just as trucks are a lot more complicated than cars, truck accidents are a lot more complicated than car accidents. More wheels mean that there are more ways that things can go wrong. In a car accident involving two cars, the insurance companies determine which of the parties was at fault or, more specifically, what percentage of the fault can be attributed to each party. In a truck accident, there are many more factors at play. For example, if you file a personal injury lawsuit because of an injury resulting from a truck accident, the defendant is often the company...

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Is it Just an Accident or Premises Liability?

Television ads for personal injury law firms tend to focus on car accidents, but that is not the only kind of personal injury lawsuit. You might have a case for a personal injury lawsuit if you were injured in any kind of accident that was the result of someone’s negligence. Negligence means that, while no one caused the injury on purpose, the accident could have been avoided if the negligent party had been more careful or more responsible. One category of personal injury lawsuits involves product liability, sometimes known as “dangerous drug” lawsuits; a famous example is the lawsuits surrounding accidental...

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