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Night Driving and Personal Injuries in Car Accidents

There are many risks that today’s motorists face each day while out on the road. Reckless drivers, weather conditions, and other factors contribute to the number of car accidents that occur each year.

However, one of the biggest influencing factors that increases the frequency of collisions is so common that it’s generally overlooked.

Night driving accounts for almost half of the fatal accidents in the United States. This surprises drivers who expect the rate of accidents to be lower at night due to the fewer number of cars on the roads at that time.

Understanding the risks involved when driving at night can help drivers avoid minor and severe injuries along with reducing the number of fatalities that result from car collisions.

Night Driving Risks

There are a number of risks associated with driving at night.

For example, driving at night also reduces visibility and the ability to determine the distance between you and other automobiles.

In addition, headlights and road lights can make it harder to see when they shine brightly against a dark background.

In some instances, drivers may use their high-beam headlights to improve their visibility in certain areas or to alert oncoming traffic as they make their way around a turn. However, high beams can also further reduce other drivers’ visibility.

All drivers must, therefore, take the necessary steps to avoid collisions due to reduced or impaired visibility.

Preventing Accidents at Night

Drivers need to be cautious when driving at night. Dashboard lights should be set low enough to be seen without distracting or impairing visibility.

A dirty windshield creates glare from surrounding lights. Drivers should keep their windshields clean at all times to reduce the risk of accidents due to visibility issues.

Reaction times can also be reduced when driving at night. As a result, any potential distractions should be eliminated. These include answering the phone, texting, searching for items in your car while driving, and the like.

The times just before the sun comes up and just after it sets increases the contrast between light and dark, leading to other issues related to your vision. Drivers should exercise particular care during those times.

Recovering Losses from Accidents Related to Night Driving

Accidents that occur at night can lead to a wide range of injuries and damage to personal property, including costs related to medical treatments, loss of income, and other damages.

Your attorney will help determine who can be held at fault for your injuries and damages and guide you through the sometimes lengthy medical treatment and legal claims process.

The right legal support gives you the resources you need to maximize the compensation you receive so that you can recover as fully as possible from your injuries.

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