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Pothole Accident Injuries and Getting Compensation for Your Damages

Potholes may seem like one of the least dangerous roadway risks that drivers can face. But even minor potholes can contribute to accidents that result in severe and lasting injuries.

Potholes also put cyclists and pedestrians at risk for injury. In certain conditions, they may not be visible, which increases the risk of automobile and other accidents. Further, potholes are made worse by the weather and daily wear.

These and other factors make potholes a common cause of injuries and accidents on the roads. You can obtain compensation for your injuries and other damages when you have the proper legal resources in place.

Pothole Safety Risks

Drivers avoid potholes to protect their car’s suspension and tires. Large potholes can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, putting their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk.

Cyclists and motorcycle riders can be thrown from their vehicles as a result of potholes in the roads, leading to serious injuries and disabilities.

The property damage that results from pothole-related accidents can be costly. This can include damage to your tires, tire rims, suspension system, and front-end alignment.

If a pothole is deep enough, the damage it can cause can be similar to that of a collision at higher speeds.

There are many factors that make potholes even more dangerous. Roads can be damaged by the freezing and thawing of water over time. Also, roads that aren’t maintained are at a higher risk of developing potholes.

Personal injury attorneys work to establish liability and gather the evidence needed to hold responsible parties accountable.

Pothole Safety for Drivers

Preventing injuries and damage caused by potholes reduces the costs associated with this common safety hazard. More importantly, it can save lives and reduce the impact that injuries have on victims and their loved ones.

Driving at high speeds makes it difficult to see potholes quickly enough to avoid them. Therefore, drivers should reduce their speeds on poorly maintained roads and when visibility is compromised.

Swerving to avoid potholes can also present additional risks. Drivers can collide with others on the road if they change lanes too quickly or without checking to see if other drivers or passengers are nearby.

In some cases, hitting a pothole may be the safest option to avoid putting others at risk. That’s why drivers must use their best judgment when driving on poorly maintained roads.

Legal Protection and Compensation for Your Injuries

Getting compensated for the injuries and damages caused by potholes can be a complex and lengthy process.

A skilled personal injury attorney can advise you on your claim and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

For your part, gathering helpful evidence will benefit your claim. Document for your attorney all of the details related to the pothole and surrounding pavement, as well as the events that took place related to the accident such as your direction, speed, weather conditions, and other factors. Photographs of damage to the vehicles at the scene, of the pothole(s) involved in the accident, and of your injuries provide invaluable support to your claim.

Getting the right legal protection maximizes the compensation you can receive after being injured in an accident caused by a pothole so that you can return to daily life and recover from your injuries.

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