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The Importance of a Georgia Accident Report

After a car accident, many people’s first reaction is to offer a prayer of thanks that they did not sustain a traumatic injury. After that, questions of money and liability start going through people’s minds.  Some people’s response is to get into a shouting match with the other driver about whose fault the accident is and how expensive the vehicle damage will be. This is a terrible idea because if you threaten the other driver, much less physically assault him or her, you could face criminal charges in addition to any legal and financial problems the accident could cause you....

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Who is at Fault in Rear-End Car Accidents in Georgia?

In most car accidents, each driver argues that the other driver was the person who caused the accident. Rarely are car accidents as straightforward as a scenario in which Driver A was simply minding his own business and obeying the rules of the road when Driver B came along and crashed into his car. Therefore, many car insurance companies base their settlement offers on the percentage of each driver’s fault for the accident. One would imagine that rear-end collisions would be one of the easier situations when it comes to assigning fault for a car accident, and often they are....

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Can I Recover After a Car Accident if No Tickets Were Issued?

If you are able to walk away or drive away without a ticket after being involved in a car accident and reporting it to the police, then you should be thankful. Just because no tickets are issued in an accident, it does not necessarily mean that everyone’s troubles are over. If someone was injured in a car accident, the injuries resulting from that accident can still form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit, even if the police did not issue any tickets related to the accident. It is possible for Georgia courts to award damages to an injured party...

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Personal Injury Protection in Accidents Caused by Ice

Extreme weather conditions make it difficult for drivers to stay safe on the roadways. Rain, fog, and other elements reduce visibility and make it harder to maintain control of your automobile. When temperatures drop, ice can form on the roads, making it difficult for drivers to stay safe. Icy roadways create a higher risk of injury, loss of life, and damage to property. Drivers must keep themselves and their passengers safe, but in many cases, individuals may be negligent. Reckless or distracted driving further adds to the risk of personal injury in icy weather conditions. Driving on Ice Atlanta and other...

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