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The Importance of a Georgia Accident Report

After a car accident, many people’s first reaction is to offer a prayer of thanks that they did not sustain a traumatic injury. After that, questions of money and liability start going through people’s minds.  Some people’s response is to get into a shouting match with the other driver about whose fault the accident is and how expensive the vehicle damage will be. This is a terrible idea because if you threaten the other driver, much less physically assault him or her, you could face criminal charges in addition to any legal and financial problems the accident could cause you.

Some people approach the other driver with kindness, offering to pay for any repairs and requesting that they not involve the insurance companies or the police. While this may seem like an amicable solution at first, you also leave yourself legally vulnerable if you take this route. No matter how minor the accident, you must always contact your local police department and request an officer come to the scene to prepare a Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report (GUMVAR). This is your best protection if a personal injury lawsuit arises from the accident, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.

What is the Legal Significance of an Accident Report?

If a legal action arises from the collision, whether it be a case in traffic court regarding a license suspension or a personal injury lawsuit where thousands of dollars are at stake, the accident report is a strong and key piece of evidence. If there is no GUMVAR, the judge may be suspicious about why you did not involve the police department. Likewise, insurance companies rely on the GUMVAR when determining which driver was at fault for the accident and when calculating settlement offers.

The consequences of a GUMVAR can extend far beyond the individual drivers who were involved in the accident. Every GUMVAR gets uploaded to the Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System (GEARS), a database of all motor vehicle collisions that have taken place in Georgia. GEARS is an important source of data about traffic safety hazards, which are considered when planning improvements to roads and the placement of signs and speed cameras.

What Information Does a Georgia Accident Report Contain?

The GUMVAR contains the following information:

The identity of the drivers and vehicles involved in the accident

The time and location of the accident

Actions and conditions of the drivers involved (distracted, aggressive, drunk, etc.)

Information about commercial vehicles, in accordance with federal reporting requirements

A narrative description of the accident

Injuries and vehicle damage resulting from the accident

A diagram of the accident

Names of passengers and other witnesses

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