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Tire Blowouts Cause Lasting Injuries and Damages

Tire blowouts are a common cause of accidents on the roadways, and they can lead to serious injuries and other damages. The loss of control of your automobile due to a tire blowout puts the lives of you and others at risk.

The Risk of Tire Blowouts and the Accidents They Cause

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimate that tire blowouts cause over 78,000 accidents every year in the United States. This results in approximately 10,000 injuries and 400 deaths.

The primary risk related to tire blowouts is the loss of control of your vehicle. When drivers are unable to control their automobiles, the risk of collision increases significantly.

Other factors contribute to the severity of these accidents. These include high speeds, braking malfunctions, large vehicles, reckless driving, and heavy traffic. Tire blowouts can cause vehicles to roll over or move into oncoming traffic.

What Causes Tire Blowouts?

Tire blowouts can occur in a variety of situations. For example, when an automobile drives over a pothole, significant tire damage can occur. Also, debris such as broken glass and nails can compromise the integrity of a tire, increasing the chance that it will blow out while on the road.

Cuts and other seemingly minor damage can contribute to a blowout. These can reduce the tire’s pressure, making it more vulnerable over time. Larger vehicles carrying heavy loads also increase the risk of tire blowouts.

Drivers who fail to properly maintain their tires are more likely to experience blowouts on the roadways. They can prevent this risk by routinely checking their tire pressure and addressing any signs of wear and tear.

Road hazards, poor tire design and defects, tire aging, and other factors also contribute to the injuries that occur as a result of tire blowouts.

Protecting Yourself From Injuries and Getting the Compensation You Deserve

If your tire blows out when driving, there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of injuries and property damage.

Accelerating or braking too quickly after a blowout can lead to injury. These common reactions can cause your car’s weight to shift too quickly or become destabilized, making it even harder to control.

Instead, drivers need to slowly reduce their speed and correct their steering in order to reduce the risk of injury. When you’ve regained control of your vehicle, pull over to the side of the road so that you are out of the flow of traffic.

When an injury occurs due to a blown out tire, it is necessary to determine who is at fault in order to obtain compensation for the injury and any property damage.

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