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Passenger Dead in South Georgia Car Wreck

A two-car crash resulted in the death of a 23 year-old passenger on Sunday, September 15, 2019 in Ochlocknee, Georgia. According to WCTV, the fatal wreck occurred at the intersection of Georgia 3 and Highway 188, when a Toyota failed to yield at a stop sign. The Toyota collided with the Ford Ranger that victim, Christin Singletary, was a passenger in causing the Ford to flip onto the passenger side. WALB News 10 reports that this case is being investigated by the Georgia State Patrol and that charges are pending for the drivers of the Toyota and the Ford Ranger. Per...

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Unsafe Lane Changes Contribute to Severe Accidents on the Roadways

The actions of other drivers put the lives of you and your passengers at risk every day. One example that happens all too often is unsafe lane changes, which can contribute to severe accidents and injuries. Changing lanes illegally or without warning significantly increases the risk of a collision. Drivers who are at fault for these accidents can be held liable for injuries and other damages. Understanding how unsafe lane changes contribute to roadway accidents, along with the many factors that can be involved, can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Causes of Unsafe Lane Changes Unsafe lane changes are...

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Tire Blowouts Cause Lasting Injuries and Damages

Tire blowouts are a common cause of accidents on the roadways, and they can lead to serious injuries and other damages. The loss of control of your automobile due to a tire blowout puts the lives of you and others at risk. The Risk of Tire Blowouts and the Accidents They Cause Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimate that tire blowouts cause over 78,000 accidents every year in the United States. This results in approximately 10,000 injuries and 400 deaths. The primary risk related to tire blowouts is the loss of control of your vehicle. When drivers are unable...

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Dangerous Curves, Car Accidents, and Personal Injury

Each day, car accidents are caused by negligence, reckless behavior, road and weather conditions, and other factors. Dangerous curves are an often overlooked safety risk that drivers need to be aware of. Many roads have curves that increase the frequency of car collisions regardless of the presence of posted signs and other warnings. These accidents can result in devastating injuries and fatalities. Drivers can take steps to avoid car accidents on dangerous curves, and you may be able to receive compensation if you are injured in an accident. Car Accidents on Dangerous Curves Failure to do so can result in a...

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Driving in Snow Increases Car Accident Risks: How to Protect Yourself and Get Compensated for Damages

Cold temperatures and moisture lead to snowy and icy conditions that put the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk for personal injuries and other damages. In addition to the dangerous conditions of roads covered by snow, drivers may be unable to clearly see what’s around them. These and other factors increase the frequency and severity of car accidents. Drivers who fail to exercise caution and cause a collision may be liable for damages. Understanding the risk factors related to driving in snow helps you recover from your injuries and protects the wellbeing of you and your loved ones....

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